LOVAK Offers Swedish Business Culture to International Companies | Utbildningar inom Organisationsutveckling, Chef och Ledarutveckling

LOVAK Offers Swedish Business Culture to International Companies

LOVAK substantially enhances business management efficiency while improving interpersonal relations and profitability.


Outside Sweden we help Companies to get perspectives from the Swedish ways to lead and develop companies.

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Why Swedish Management?

We believe in the strength in delegating responsibility and powers, with a clear targets and follow-up. It is also based on out belief in the combination of performance and satisfaction.

Our ambition is, together with our costumers, create a working environment where we all contribute to an effective workplace but also an environment we thrive in, and where everyone knows how, and feel they contribute.

Focus becomes on communication and flow of information, to our belief, in a more open way than what is customary in other countries.
Address: LOVAK Academy | Stensborgsgatan 1 | Vasteras | Sweden | Tel: +46 (0)21-18 52 30 | info@lovak.se |

The 15 min. That Changes The World
On the 22;th of march we were invited to talk 15 minutes on the big Sebasi School conference, we talk under the theme; "PeopleMakePeopleGrow"

Perspectives from a trend leading Country!
1-8 october 2016 LOVAK is arranging a grouptravel for leaders and owners of Swedish companies, to meet the business and culture in South Korea. A country far ahead Sweden in many ways, but still very interested and exited to learn more about Swedish Leadership and Culture and the Swedish way to lead companies.
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