We have no illusions that Swedish management is better then other countries, but, by describing it, we open the opportunity to adopt, use it as a perspective and use the parts that attracts your company.
- We have experience from management and business development since many years
We who presently work at LOVAK, today about 10 consultants, are very senior in our roles. We have all had senior management positions, leading other managers in large companies. In addition we also have board experience. Some of us also have experience from working in other countries. We also have extensive experience from management training and management consulting in many companies from small to large.

- Business development with global competition
In a small country as Sweden, we doo not have the option to compete using cheap labor, it is too cold, and cost of living is too high. So, we have to think differently. We have done so successfully for a number of years, and we remain competitive in many business areas. We believe a major success factor is our management style we think is somewhat different from others.

- What makes us competitive?
We have, what we think many would consider a questioning company culture. We do not only allow an active dialog with our employees, we encourage it. We strive for a situation where everybody has two tasks, to perform your duties, and to develop them. This means that we all have to share a common goal, and have a good idea of our company strategy and your part in it, otherwise we risk running in different directions. Our ultimate goal is empowered employees.