Business Development

We develop each business by considering its
entire organization, thus encompassing the perspectives of the owner, board, management, and working teams. Using the LOVAK model, we
analyze where we should focus our efforts.

The LOVAK model – An assessment of balance
Running a company, you have many things to keep track of. Based on your profile, you will focus more on certain things in line with you. This means that you will have to ensure that the group consists of a variety of profiles. We describe the model with its 5 perspective:
o Internal structure, from business plans to rules and roles
o Interface to the outside world, ambitions as well as perceptions
o Development to stay competitive, collect and deal with info from the outside
o Internal relational issues, how we do things
o Customer value, approach etc
Some Areas we support:
• Strategic board and management work
• Goals, vision, mission as well as business and marketing plans
• Strategic work implementation
• Operational development tools and their implementation
• Strategic self-consultation
• Market research
• Employee surveys
• Consultations with managers and other key persons in leading positions

The program is including seminars, workshops, webinars and coaching.

Such a process starts with 3 days and up to 18 month
Customer praise

”-With the help of LOVAK, the m4 group Inc. has begun the journey toward a common culture and strong leadership which is built on modern, conscious, humane and versatile thinking. We are as one learning
more together.”/Business Development Manager.

Participating in the process: owners, board of directors, company sales and cultural managements