Swedish Management

We believe in the strength in delegating responsibility and powers, with a clear targets and follow-up. It is also based on out belief in the combination of performance and satisfaction. Our ambition is, together with our employees, create a working environment where we all contribute to an effective workplace but also an environment we thrive in, and where everyone knows how, and feel they contribute. Focus becomes on communication and flow of information, to our belief, in a more open way than what is customary in other countries.

Swedish management course
To get the perspective and to evaluate your management culture we offer 3 days "leadership course" for companies that is interested in the Swedish perspective.

When we train managers we follow a development process to ensure a good result. The process consists of four steps:

o Me – The toolbox I have as a manager is myself, i.e. my strengths and weaknesses.
o Me and my group – How to lead, handle meetings, create a good working environment etc
o The group without me – Self controlled responsibility taking employees, how do I deserve them
o Me, my group, our company and the future – As a manager I need to change perspective between my group and the big picture frequently
The following exercises and descriptions will follow the flow as described above.
Management development process
Management Team Development

Management learns on both a group and individual level how to pull together effectively to reach company goals. Each person clearly understands the requirements of every assignment and develops his/her role as a leader and representative of the company.
Development and support for the management team
by addressing areas such as:

- Management culture
- Properties of management
- The assignment
- Communication
- Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory

”-Cooperation with LOVAK contributed to systematically develop our management team and team spirit.”